PEEPSHOW: ‘Brand New Breed.’

Hell yeah!

Don’t you just love it when a band simply plays some kick-ass rock ‘n’roll; nothing over-complicated or pretentious. Just good, honest, adrenalin infused killer tunes.

OK – so maybe I can’t add the words ‘original,’ or ‘unique’ but I don’t think that necessarily matters when you’re having a good time. They may have just been released from an Eighties time-warp, but I bet it’s still Party Time when they hit the stage.

From some of the photos I’ve seen of the band, they would seem to have been influenced, image-wise at least, by the likes of Quireboys, Motley Crue and now for this their second album, like a chrome-plated Black Veil Brides.

Musically, as I’ve already alluded, they hark back to Eighties Rock and in particular the Glam –metal scene, but with I feel a little bit of (but less aggressive) Murderdolls, mixed in at times – a thought probably prompted by the drumming style. 

‘Brand New Breed’ is the second album from the band, the first being a self-released effort a couple of years ago that sold out of its 2,000 copy run on the strength of their fan-base and live shows. This one though is the first I’ve heard of PEEPSHOW, so I’m unable to ‘compare and contrast,’ I’m afraid.

But it’s the present we’re interested in here … and, it seems, the future that the band are concerned with. Straight off on checking the track titles, ‘Brand New Breed’ has the feel of a ‘concept’ album. I’m not sure if that was the intention or not, but reads that way. The scene is set with the short ‘intro’ track, ‘Wake Up Call.’ As if a movie soundtrack, it conveys images like the intro to a ‘Terminator’ film, with a manic laugh permeating the clutter of background noise of sirens, marching boots, and talk of a ‘new world order.’

Opening song ‘Let Go,’ kind of sets the tone for the album – a mix of zippy synths and guitars and dramatic vocals. However, it’s the next track that I would imagine typifies the band. ‘Live Free Or Die’ has that kind of anthemic feel about it. I get a bit of a Euro Rock feel about it and can see this (and indeed the band) doing well on the Continent – perhaps they’ll be even better received there than at home?) It’s all about big gang-shout choruses and some searing guitar solos.

‘Trouble’ on the other hand, according to my notes on the initial listen makes me think of a Bon Jovi / Murderdolls mash-up. There then follows the pre-requisite Glam –metal ‘lighter’ moment with a slower, ballad type song, ‘Only A Dream,’ before the track that really caught my attention on first play, ‘All Or Nothing.’ Little synth runs are quickly overtaken by a chunky guitar riff and big ‘Whoa whoa!’ choruses. The vocals have a bit more of a rasping aggression and altogether I reckon this to be the outstanding track on the album.

‘Feed On Me,’ is actually a bit of the same, only at a slower pace and with a louder chorus and nice little guitar solo! ‘Irreversible’ is like the statutory rock ballad, again with some nice guitar work. I’m not a fan of ballad type songs, but this one builds nicely and ends up as quite an intense song, and just shy of six minutes is the longest track of the fourteen.

Suffer’ if you like heralds the beginning of the second half of the album. To this point, we’ve had over half an hour of what I’d say is enjoyable old-skool rock. That may be just about enough. However, there are still another six songs to go counting this one and really, you could probably just cut to the chase now and say “ditto” for the remaining twenty –two minutes or so.

(Sometimes ‘less’ is indeed ‘more.’)

All of which is a bit of a shame really for up to this point, I’d say this is a pretty enjoyable effort – not that there’s anything specifically wrong with the remainder, but it does become just that little bit tedious as you edge ever closer to the fifty-eighth and final minute! 

(Released on 28th May 2012)

(7.5 / 10)


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