LIMOZINE: ‘Full Service.’


I recall that when LIMOZINE’s second single ‘You Da Boss’ was released, I was all over it! And I wasn’t the only one either. We’re now a further two years down the line and theLondon lads are still pumping out their distinctive brand of Punk ‘n’ Roll that created such a buzz amongst the diverse circles of Artrocker, Classic Rock Magazine and Radio6 Music’s Tom Robinson.


On ‘Full Service’, the band’s third album, they maintain (their own) tradition of restricting their songs to a three minute max (just about), and manage to belt through eleven songs in less than twenty-nine minutes. This is the good old Rock n’ Roll and punk ethic being adhered to, and I love it!


They also stick pretty much to the same basic backbone to all their music, which can lead to a bit familiarity, but it’s a bit of a winning formula so why change it? What LIMOZINE do however is factor in some subtle sub-genres to flesh out that backbone.


For instance, opening track ‘Twenty Greatest Hits,’ has the stomp and groove of a Seventies Glam Rock track. It’s the kind of song you can envisage Marc Bolan having a bit fun with.  ‘Deep Fried Love’ if I remember correctly was also released as a single recently. It’s more simply a straight up first wave New Wave kind of song, quick of pace with catchy chorus and clanging guitar solo. ‘Siamese Twins, ‘ has a kind of Bo Diddley rhythm backing up snarled vocals and gang-shout choruses.


Jennifer X’ gallops along like a Country / Punk hybrid, while ‘Girls Don’t’ reverts to the Glam pomp and stomp of earlier. The ‘rat tat tat’ rhythm of Surfin’ In The Dark’ follows, direct and pointed. ‘Beercan Blues’ growls menacingly and again features nice guitar work, while ‘Drink Ya Self Out Of It,’ seems to draw inspiration from Psychobilly type roots, complete as it is with occasional screams and that sort of dark twang to the guitar.


‘Sniffin’ Glue’ has a great, catchy riff (like Sham 69’s ‘Ulster Boy’ perhaps?)  ‘Welcome ToThe Rodeo’ sounds a little more R&B (proper R&B, not the modern crap) influenced, though maybe it’s just the guitar that makes me think this. And then, already we’re at the last track, ‘Hotel TV Swimming Pool’ and its AC/DC type chunky riff.


I think the last time I mentioned that I saw LIMOZINE as the vanguard for a new ‘Pub Rock’ movement, I upset a few people – not least the band! But those who like me remember with great fondness bands like Graham Parker & The Rumour; Brinsley Schwartz; Ducks Deluxe, etc. will realise this is indeed a compliment.


(I still stand by that assessment.)

(Released through Beat Atlas Records on 21st Mat 2012)






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1 Response to LIMOZINE: ‘Full Service.’

  1. Limo Dean says:

    Hi Colin
    Great review of the Limozine album.
    Many Thanks
    Limo Dean

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