COLIN’S GODSON: ‘Colin’s Godson in Space.’

This is mental! Mind, I believe the Glasgow based band COLIN’S GODSON features at least one of cult punk band The Plimptons, so I don’t suppose I should be surprised!

Arriving completely unannounced through the post, this album came in the shape of a 7” vinyl single, packaged in a comic, but actually containing a CD. With me so far….?

These eleven songs which will occupy a mere seventeen of your Earth minutes, chronicle ‘ …. one band’s crusade across the stars to destroy a Thatcherite satellite and be home in time for tea, observing some subtle space vignettes along the way.’ (Their words, not mine.)

You know – this is one of those albums you can enjoy without even listening to it! And in some ways you actually fear pressing the ‘play’ button, just in case it doesn’t quite live up to expectations. But then I don’t suppose that would allow for much by way of a ‘review’ would it?

‘Colin’s Godson in Space’ is like a wee punk(ish) rock opera. The song titles are the equivalent of the various ‘acts’ and indeed tell the outline story when read chronologically. Starting with a forty-nine second version of the famous space theme, ‘Also Sprach Zarathurstra’ it quickly lifts off into the ‘(Theme From) Colin’s Godson In Space’ which is obviously based, perhaps rather tenuously on Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity,’ what with the cello and handclaps and all. From here on in our heroes cross the galaxy in search of the rogue satellite, to the soundtrack / inspiration of Fat Wreck Chords type bands like Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, The Swingin’ Utters and NOFX et al.

It’s all good-time melodic pop / punk with witty and genuinely funny lyrics.

It matters not whether you like or dislike punk music; or humorous songs; or Thatcher; or Star Trek. Or Colin or indeed his goddamned Godson, for God’s sake! This will brighten your day – it kicks proverbial ass, man!

(Released through Puzzled Aardvark and available now via COLIN’S GODSON website – May 2012)



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