AUTOPSY BOYS: ‘Rich Kids Playground.’

I could have sworn that I’d reviewed this new single from Leeds punks, AUTOPSY BOYS! God knows, I’ve played the track so many times!

So maybe I’m losing it … I can’t find the review on LOUD HORIZON, and therefore owe you all an apology as I’ve been depriving you of some riotous, hardcore horror punk!

The video, which is not for the faint-hearted, follows but here’s the low-down on the band themselves:

Autopsy Boys are a UK punk band formed in Leeds, West Yorkshire in late 2011.  

They are best known for fusing hardcore punk with 80s synth pop. They have been labelled by various online and magazine reviewers as ‘disco for psychopaths’, a slogan they gladly accepted and adopted as their own. They were also described by JAM magazine as “melodic vocals that could have been lifted from numerous celebrated Californian punk outfits and throw in some Scandinavian larynx splitting hardcore ” and already receiving airplay from Kerrang! Radio.

The original members of the Autopsy Boys, Lee Brunskjill and Gary Hargreaves, began making music together in 2006, as a post punk outfit using drum machines, synthesizers and the occasional guitar.

The band became notorious for their offensive lyrical content, the core references often being 80’s TV, horror movies, gaming and marijuana. Their sound began to evolve beyond its early roots which were often compared to Big Black, and saw the music drifting towards a more truculent punk rock sound, influenced by bands like The Dwarves, Germs, TSOL, The Queers, Freeze and many more. 

In September 2011, whilst drinking in a bar, the 2 were asked to open ‘BEEFSTOCK IV’, a local hardcore punk and heavy metal all day event to which they agreed. A few weeks later, after seeing posters featuring them on the bill, they decided to recruit 3 friends for what was originally intended to be a one off performance.

The addition of Lewis Pugh on Drums and Aliskull on Bass (both from the bands The Plight and Cyvoid) as well as guitarist Alan Laird (from the bands Steroid Freak Pussy, Me and My Mates and formally of The Hydropaths and Dead Pets) saw the band inevitably change it direction once again. By this time they had dropped most of their early post punk sensibilities and morphed into a hardcore punk outfit, whilst still using various synthesizers and samplers to add a genuine eerie 80s horror-esque sound.

(My kinda band!!!)

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