JOIA: ‘Match Light.’ (Free download of the EP from 16th July!)

Yeah – so maybe this is a little more ‘poppy’ than you’d normally expect to hear on LOUD HORIZON, but there are definitely some excellent rock undertones going on in the new single from JOIA.

And it’s all pretty anthemic, with big hooks and a memorable melody. And there’s more ….. the EP from which this particular track is lifted will be made available as a free download via the band’s Facebook page from 16th July!

So that’s why I’ve included it here. You could well fall for this one!

JOIA are a female fronted, five piece alternative pop rock band with members hailing from Essex, Hampshire and Surrey via Athens.

The band formed in early 2011 when Athina and Martin met on the London scene, through mutual friends and at gigs, instantly bonding over favourite bands and a love of music. From there, writing began in eachothers’ garages and bedrooms, at which point Martin’s brother Bill and friend Tommy got involved. Callum was later introduced to complete the line-up. Taking their different influences and experience, combining it with an obsession to write and perform their own material, the band started coming together properly. And so Joia was born…

Musical inspiration differs for each member, but includes such bands as (LOUD HORIZON pet hates!) Coldplay and Radiohead as well as Kings of Leon and The Smiths, along with more individual passions such as Athina’s love for modern pop music and Bill’s strong interest in DJ’ing, (Dance/House music).

With a wealth of experience from playing shows in previous projects at such venues and events as London Roundhouse, Shepherds Bush Empire, ABC Glasgow, Manchester Academy, ‘Give It a Name Tour’ and some of the UK’s smaller hot venues, the live show is a polished, exciting and dynamic performance that now sees the addition of third brother Stephen Dukelow on keyboards.

See what you think:

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