ENDAND: ‘Adventures Of Hi-Fi In Space.’


ENDAND are a three-piece unit from Brooklyn, New York.  (Yes, I know – another Brooklyn band! Other boroughs / cities / countries are available. I feel I should mention this.)

Are they a punk band? Or are they ‘alternative?’ Does it matter?

A bit of both, it would seem, though they lean more towards the latter on the evidence of this album. Though, when I say ‘album’ I am in fact referring to two EPs co-joined on one release. In truth, I’m a little confused by this, but here’s how I see it:

The first four tracks listed on the album relate to the ‘Adventures Of Hi-Fi In Space’ EP. I’m guessing this is the later of the two recordings and is the one referred to in the Press Release as ‘consisting of pristine studio recordings.’

The second four then must be from the earlier ‘Adventures Of Lo-Fi In Space’ EP. (Although there appears to be nine tracks on the album …….) These four (five?) tracks seem to take the form of ‘demo’ / ‘live’ / DIY recordings.

But look, there’s every chance I’ll get all this cocked-up – so streams of both EPs follow. Suffice to say that ENDAND make a pretty delightful racket that swings between the sounds of Weezer, and a more generic grunge feel.

They’ve definitely got something (apart from me, confused!)

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