THE RAPIDS: free album!

Listening to the free download of THE RAPIDS‘ eponymous album, I was imagining a band of leather-clad, crusty old rockers that had perhaps been around the block a few times.

Nuh! These five lads are averaging about twenty years of age and yet they have such a ‘mature’ sound about them. It’s all very accessible melodic Rock with big swooping choruses, searing guitar solos and solid slightly rasping vocals, all tied up and driven along by a solid, pounding rhythm section.

So what’s not to like?

And it’s FREE! You can download the album below, and read more about the band from their Facebook page.

(I’m sure you’ll be reading more of them in the future!)

About Cee Tee Jackson

I run three blogs: 1) (my author blog.) 2) (my business / dog walking blog) 3) (my music blog .. infrequent posts) Guess what? I'm a dog walking, wannabee author that loves music.
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