LIZZIE NIGHTINGALE ………… free download of album (till 6th August.)

OK – so this is not particularly my choice of musical style, and neither is it particularly ‘LOUD’ ….. but LIZZIE NIGHTINGALE is an artist currently broaching the ‘HORIZON’  and she comes originally from here in Glasgow and so fully merits inclusion on these pages!

There are definite echoes of Kate Bush and the like in LIZZIE’s delivery – again, something I know pretty little of apart from the obvious, but it’s clear to see / hear why she is attracting a good deal of attention.

After a successful stint working alongside Libertine Gary Powell, singer-songwriter Lizzie  has decided to spread her wings and go solo for the release of her forthcoming E.P ‘Tiny Teardrops,’ which is available as a free download until 6th August.

With her musical goals firmly in sight, Lizzie released a compilation of demo tracks. She gained immediate support from BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2 and Galaxy FM and sold thousands in the UK and Japan. The success of these tracks also led to a Maida Vale session for BBC Radio 1.

Her new EP, Tiny Teardrops, is the result of Lizzie finding her own individual sound, and after months of writing and developing, this timid yet vivacious Scottish girl is gearing up to showcase her raw and real talent.

Influenced by artists such as Regina Spektor, Kate Bush and Annie Lennox, ‘Tiny Teardrops’ is written in its entirety by Lizzie, and the first video to be released from the EP is for ‘Alone,’ Lizzie’s take on Magnetic Man‘s ‘Flying Into Tokyo.’

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1 Response to LIZZIE NIGHTINGALE ………… free download of album (till 6th August.)

  1. Sean Deacon says:

    Love the tracks on this EP she is a true songbird, I see from the credits that she has been working with Matty ‘Parka’ Thomson, another Scots songwriter who white my all time favourite ‘Disco Dancer’ Us Scots should stick together. Can’t wait for an album.

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