How on earth could I ‘forget’ these guys?!

I first heard of them on an A.M.P. compilation I had sent over to me from The States, way back around 2002. The connection with The Lillingtons helped sway my favour – not that it needed much prompting – and I got sent over a copy of their second release ‘Total,‘ from which the following track ‘Bloodbath At Burger King,’ is taken.

I won’t say any more right now as I’ll be popping up a wee feature on the band in the coming week or two. But take my word – these guys are the best!

About Cee Tee Jackson

I run three blogs: 1) ceeteejackson.com (my author blog.) 2) leadingpetcare.com (my business / dog walking blog) 3) loudhorizon.wordpress.com (my music blog .. infrequent posts) Guess what? I'm a dog walking, wannabee author that loves music.
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