Fancy some soft, warm …and possibly geeky indie to ease you through your Sunday?


Formed by retro enthusiast and singer-songwriter Adrian Killens, THE BRITISH IBM combine nerdy delights – indie rock and vintage computing. Their new single, also called ‘The British IBM’ was released this week to celebrate the founding of INTEL on 18th July 1968!



Adrian explains – ‘I’m a bit obsessed with retro computing. I saw a film called Micro Men, set in Cambridgein the late seventies and early eighties. It’s based on the rise and fall of the two Cambridge computer companies; Sinclair and Acorn. Acorn was run by a guy called Chris Curry, Sinclair was run by Clive Sinclair. The two used to work together at Sinclair but fell out and Chris went on to build Acorn. When both companies fell from grace the two of them ended up in a punch up. During the dramatised version of the fight in Micro Men, Chris Curry says to Clive “We could have been the British IBM”. So that’s the origin of the band name.’ 


Prior to forming THE BRITISH IBM, Adrian has enjoyed success as a solo artist. Previous projects include releasing a single sold only on a 3.5” Floppy disc, and the 2010 ‘Song A Week’ project which saw the artist release a new song every Friday for an entire year. The result is a 53-track album, simply titled, ‘Song A Week’ under his pseudonym ‘Aidy’.


THE BRITISH IBM are currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album, which will be released to coincide with a UK tour at the end of July 2012. The first single to be released from the album, ‘Animal’, has been warmly received by critics and fans alike, backed by a lively cartoon video made by Jose C at Rivertoons. Adrian Killens is joined by an innovative rhythm section featuring bassist David Martin and drummer Paul Richards.

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