EMANUEL AND THE FEAR: ‘The Janus Mirror.’

You know I’m a sucker for bands that come from Brooklyn NYC, right? Just why that is I’m not entirely sure – maybe I just imagine that there is an air of credible ‘cool’ from the inventiveness and atmosphere surrounding their music. It doesn’t really matter the style of music …. just tell me they’re from Brooklyn and I’m immediately interested.

No matter – whatever it is that lies in my subconscious and prompts me to press the ‘play’ button, has once again been aroused by EMANUEL AND THE FEAR.

This six-piece (they once numbered eleven!) are no different from the other bands of the city’s most populated Borough, in that they are themselves ‘different,’ if you see what I mean. The band freely admits that they cannot agree on how to categorise themselves.

Which augurs well for an interesting listen!

I’ll not waste too much time trying to describe what they do as the album is streamed below for you to make your own mind up.  Suffice to say however, that the one single word that springs to mind when listening to their music, is ‘epic.’ OK – two words – ‘epic,’ and ‘dramatic.’

And if I were to succinctly sum up this album in one breath, I’d ask you think about locking Arcade Fire up in a large, barren cage and poke them with sticks incessantly so as to provoke their rage.

(Released through Haldern Pop Recordings on 28th September 2012)



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