ROCKBURN: ‘Better Man.’

ROCKBURN are a 5-piece from Bellshill in Lanarkshire whose music may have slipped the commercial attention of the masses, but yet have already made an indelible mark on the musical landscape – their earlier release ‘Red Dress,’ being used to soundtrack top US TV show, ‘Burn Notice,’ as well as being used by both Liverpool FC and Celtic FC at half-time in both clubs’ home matches.

They’re obviously doing something right! 

‘Better Man,’ is their latest single, and is every bit as catchy as the song that has brought them to this credible stage in their career. The vocals are still nicely rasping and direct and the little guitar interspersions are sharp and interestingly off-key in a good way! The beat is infectious and the rhythm, bouncy.

At times, I can hear a little bit of U2’s ‘Sweetest Thing,’ especially so around the stop / start moments. But that’s no bad thing, is it?

I really like this one and with the band coming from a town where I worked for a couple of years, and also spawned the likes of Teenage Fanclub, BMX Bandits and Soup Dragons, they can do no wrong!

(Self released on 17th September.)



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