EDDY & THE T-BOLTS: ‘Medium Rare.’

For some reason, there’s not an awful lot of Punk music finds its way LOUD HORIZON, so you can imagine I get a tad excited when some quality shit does drop! 

And this IS quality shit! 

Eddy is Eddy Ferguson, erstwhile ‘shouter’ with Motherwell based punks, The Alpacinos who cultivated a large loyal following and a reputation for raucous and explosive live sets. Now, I’ve not actually seen The T-Bolts play, but I bet they evoke a similar reaction.

Medium Rare,’ comprises twelve tracks over forty minutes which represents excellent value for money and as the clichéd saying goes, it’s ‘all killer, no filler.’ From the opening ‘Welcome to the Show,’ with its infectious shout-a-long chorus and chugging punk riffs, to the closing ‘Roll the Dice,’ and its growled vocal, little searing guitar snippets and pounding beats, this is one belter of an album.

Tracks like ‘The Devil has the Best Tunes,’ straddle punk and straight out rock ‘n’ roll while ‘Easy Meat,’ is perhaps more generically Rock in composition, but still retaining a punk sensibility. ‘Holy Wars and Mental Wards’ is a blistering, melodic hardcore number with a distinct message, and I reckon ranks as one of the best on the album.

But of course, that’s not to discount the brilliant ‘John McClane,’ which I’m pretty sure was an earlier single release, and echoes another favourite band of mine, Shatterhand, with the gruff vocal delivery and frantic guitar riffs.

Here we have one of those albums that is guaranteed to lift your spirits when played LOUD. Its strength lies in the fact that it displays a reassuring dose of straight-up, ‘in yer face,’ no pretences, boisterous punk music. It’s melodic enough though to hopefully entice listeners who may normally shy away from the ‘punk’ tag, and yet still offers hardened punks plenty to shake their fists at and  dance and crash around any live venues where EDDY & THE T-BOLTS appear.

‘Medium Rare?’ Very well done, I’d say!

(Available now through Eddy & The T-Bolts’ bandcamp page.) 



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