GWYN ASHTON: ‘Little Girl.’

‘Little Girl’ is the opening track from GWYN ASHTON’S  forthcoming album ‘Radiogram,’ a hard-driving renegade rock and blues album which boasts nine self-penned tracks plus a phat groove version of Willie Dixon’s “I Just Wanna Make Love To You.”

This feast of electric blues, heavy funk and melodic rock has been inspired by his well-worn vinyl record collection and sounds like it could have been recorded in 1971. The diverse guest artist roster includes Don Airey (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath), Kim Wilson (Fabulous Thunderbirds), Robbie Blunt (Robert Plant, Bronco, Silverhead), Johnny Mastro (LA’s Mama’s Boys), Mark Stanway (Magnum, Phil Lynott) and Mo Birch (UB40, Go West, Culture Club).

I was not too familiar with Gwyn’s background before this video found its way to LOUD HORIZON. But being a bit of Blues Rock fan, I was keen to find out that:

* Gwyn was born in Wales, moved to Australia, picked up and learnt guitar when aged twelve and started gigging when sixteen.

* In 1991 he moved from Sydney to Melbourne where he recorded his first two albums and ‘opened’ for the likes of Junior Wells and Rory Gallagher.

* Five years later, he relocated back to Europe where he secured support slots for, amongst others, BB King; Johnny Winter; Mick Taylor and Status Quo (on their 1999 Arena Tour.)

*Now this  (for someone like me who regards Rory Gallagher as their all-time music hero) is where it gets really interesting: In 1999 Ashton recorded Fang It! with Rory‘s rhythm section Gerry McAvoy (possibly the best and most under-rated bass player around) and Brendan O’Neill.

* He then replaced ex Motörhead/Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson in Band Of Friends, a memorial to Rory Gallagher with Rory’s former sidemen Gerry, Brendan, Lou Martin, Mark Feltham and Ted McKenna. In 2001 French fans voted Ashton at number three position in Guitar Part magazine’s Guitarist Of The Year poll with Jeff Beck and Gary Moore at first and second positions.

* And there’s more! (God! I’m in danger of wetting myself!) In 2006 GWYN recorded ‘Prohibition‘( voted ‘Album Of The Year’ by  ‘Guitar and Bass’ magazine) with Sensational Alex Harvey Band (another of my all-time favourite bands!) bassist, Chris Glen; SAHB drummer (prior to joining up with Rory Gallagher) Ted McKenna, and Deep Purple / Whitesnake / Rainbow keyboard player Don Airey.

SO! Big respect to Gwyn, then!

Here’s a taster of what we can expect when ‘Radiogram’ is released on 22nd October.

Sounding good ….!!

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