DOG MOON HOWL: ‘Strip-Lit Hell.’

DOG MOON HOWL are a three-piece Glasgow / Edinburgh based heavy, alternative blues band comprising alt bluesman Craig Hughes (whose ‘Pissed Off, Bitter And Willing To Share’ received some great reviews, not least via this very blog;) drummer Ally Tennick (formerly with Soop) and Bryan Campbell (ex- 13conditions from Dublin.)

Formed in late 2011 (although they had previously played together in post-grunge band Smotherparty) they recorded the following five-track EP in May of this year, and this is now available to purchase on a ‘name your price,’ basis.

This is heavy-duty blues, right enough! Jeez, is it heavy!? You can certainly gear some of the band’s influences shining through: Black Sabbath riffs with a slightly more subtle styled blues ethos. And I suppose now knowing their post-grunge background I can appreciate the grunge nuances also.


Go make some blues-men happy ….. better still, make ‘em rich and pay for your otherwise free download!

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I run three blogs: 1) (my author blog.) 2) (my business / dog walking blog) 3) (my music blog .. infrequent posts) Guess what? I'm a dog walking, wannabee author that loves music.
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