THEATRE ROYAL: ‘A Hundred Thousand Tears.’

I think it must be the best part of about three years ago that LOUD HORIZON first wrote about a young band from The Medway who had submitted their first demo to the site. So confident was I that this was a band of true potential that a New Blood article was soon after prepared for ARTROCKER MAGAZINE who some two years later awarded the band’s previous single, ‘The Story Of My Life’ a 4/5 star review.

I’m glad (and in a very self-congratulatory manner, also proud) to say that it all seems to be coming together nicely for THEATRE ROYAL!

So, just ahead of the forthcoming new (second) album’s release, they release their latest single, ‘A Hundred Thousand Tears.’ Really, the accompanying Press Release (reproduced below)  says it all, without he need for me to add much else. I would say perhaps that the lead track is a little Creedence Clearwater Revival inspired, but as lead singer Oliver Burgess concedes “This track isn’t really like anything on the album.”

Secondly, I’d add that if the second track ‘Down South With The Chameleons‘ couldn’t find a place on the album itself, then it must be one helluva album!


‘A Hundred Thousand Tears’ sees Theatre Royal continue their voyage through pop song writing, but with its country lilt the song is a slight departure for the group. ‘A Hundred Thousand Tears’ carefree bounce, buoyant horns and George Harrison-esque guitars disguise a sombre core, as the Medway 4-piece form close harmony and ask ‘why do lights burn low, before they have to go?’ The track makes nods to West-Coast heroes such as Crosby, Stills and Nash and The Flying Burrito Brothers but is a firmly English affair with it’s saddened heart residing on the banks of the Medway.

A Hundred Thousand Tears’ is joined by non-album b-sides ‘Down South With The Chameleons’ and ‘A Friend A Stranger and I’. The first is a euphoric rush of escapist fantasy that also forms a surprising tribute to the cult Manchester band of the same name whilst the 2nd is something a little more unusual, eerie in tone with it’s marimba rumblings and distant vocal refrains.

‘A Hundred Thousand Tears’ will be released as a digital download bundleOctober 1st on The Preservation Society Presents with artwork provided by cult Medway artist, formative member of the controversial Stuckist art group and Bill Childish associate Wolf Howard.



(Released digitally through The Preservation Society Presents on 1st October 2012)


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  1. Shorna Saha says:

    ‘A Hundred Thousand Tears’ is an awesome music!

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