Whilst checking out what I should spend this week’s pocket money on, I came across this German band from way back.

S.Y.P.H. were originally formed as a punk band in 1977 in Solingen. There are slightly conflicting versions as to why they were thus named: one states that it was because ‘it sounded dirty’ (with the full-stops added at a later date so that it looked like an acronym …. but wasn’t!) and the other is that the word is pronounced the same as the German word ‘Suff’ which means ‘muck,’ or ‘filth.’

Their early work was very much in the ’77 punk style – as with the first video below, ‘Industriemadchen,’ which translates as ‘Industry Girl.’

However, as the decade turned, it saw the band move to more of a Krautrock phase, with repetitive riffs and beats being augmented with a more ‘improvised’ sound. In fact, in 1981 they collaborated with Holgar Czukay of Can on his ‘On The Way To The Peak Of Normal‘ solo album.

The second video ‘ Nachbar‘ is taken from that period and you can easily hear the change. (Very much Can influenced, I think.)

S.Y.P.H. continued to release records well into the ‘noughties’ and I believe they (or a version of them) are still playing today. In fact, the album ‘4‘ has just been made available once again.

(I think I now know where my dosh is headed this weekend!)

(Information gleaned for both the Discogs and Last FM websites.)

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