WE ARE THE PHYSICS: ‘Napoleon Loves Josephine.’

A pre-release copy of ‘Your Friend, The Atom,’  the long-awaited follow-up to their brilliant debut album ‘We Are The Physics Are OK At Music,’ arrived this morning and all of a sudden, Monday morning became quite good.

WE ARE THE PHYSICS, despite their modest protestations, are in my opinion probably the best band to come out of Glasgow / Scotland in a very long time. Well .. one of them, at least, and so you just know that when the album review appears on this blog in a few days time, it’s gonna be a beezer.

But in the meantime, here’s a taster of what to expect on the album itself. ‘Napoleon Loves Josephine‘ is actually an old song and has been virtually a ‘constant’ in their set list for as long as I can remember.

Vocalist Michael M explains:

“This song’s been kicking about our live set for ages, but it took us about sixteen thousand (approx) recordings before we were happy with it. We wrote it about people using other people for personal gain, often mutually. It’s about manipulation and parasitic personalities and the inevitable consequences of being trapped in a cage of your own making. Wee Napoleon just got dragged into it because Josephine wasn’t actually Josephine’s name, he just renamed her. The lyrics fall vaguely over the bones of their story, but it’s not specifically about them, despite us shouting their names over and over again like Derek Acorah trying to summon ghosts who all have Liverpudlian accents. We make sure we play this song at every gig because our drummer, Michaeldrum, gets really tired playing it and one of the only pleasures we have in life is seeing him in pain.”

The band will also be playing the following dates to support the album release:

16 Oct BIRMINGHAM Hare & Hounds*
17 Oct OXFORD Jericho*
18 Oct KINGSTON Banquet Records instore (6pm)
18 Oct KINGSTON New Slang at McClusky’s*
19 Oct ABERDARE Elliot’s Bar
20 Oct BRIGHTON Prince Albert
21 Oct MANCHESTER Carefully Planned Festival
31 Oct GLASGOW 13th Note
07 Dec EDINBURGH Voodoo Rooms
08 Dec LONDON Buffalo Bar

*with We Were Promised Jetpacks

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