EVANSTAR: ‘I Won’t Regret.’

are a four-piece rock band from the Midlands. I’m told that they formed in September 2012, but I’m guessing hat’s more likely to have been 2011, since they seem to have a batch of songs ready to go.

I don’t know much else about them really other than the fact that they certainly know the formula for big anthemic, crowd-pleasing songs, as can be heard from their debut single ‘I Won’t Regret‘ and the stream of  ‘Take My Hand.

The former track especially, seems to reflect more of an American take on ‘alternative’ rock, and I can see this getting plenty ‘Campus’ airplay if that indeed is what they’d want!

Nice drumming on this one too … though I still remain to be convinced about the pastel shades of lighting and the significance of the dancer. But ….. hey ho! It’s more about the music, I guess.


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