COLIN’S GODSON: ‘Colin’s Godson In Time.’

The last time we ‘met’ with COLIN’S GODSON, they were travelling ‘In Space’ on a (successful) mission to destroy Thatcher’s Brain. (I won’t even bother trying to explain … follow this link if you want to pick up the story where we left off.)

Well …. It seems that on their return voyage to earth (supposedly in time for tea) there was a malfunction and the space-ship ended travelling back in time. (As it transpires, it was the ships Chief Medical Officer, Dave, who programmed the time-travel facility so he could go back to the year 2000 so he could watch the first series of Kirsty Allsop’s epochal, ‘Location , Location, Location.’ Except ….. there WAS a malfunction and he overshot the desired year and ended up in mid-Nineties Britain. )

Their ‘mission’ this time around ends up being to prevent the disappointing millennium Blackadder sequel, ‘Blackadder Back and Forth’ from ever being made.

So, that’s the background. Here’s the music:

As with their previous release, COLIN’S GODSON have produced a rather mental ‘concept’ album with an album’s worth of short, sharp, poppy, punky songs.

Also, just for good measure, for the first time in pop history, COLIN’S GODSON IN TIME comes with a -1 track, intended to be attached before the start of the album, which can be downloaded from 

(“Nurse ……!!!!!”)

(Released on a limited edition basis through the band’s Bandcamp page for £5)


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