ACRES OF LIONS: ‘Reaction.’

Canadian band ACRES OF LIONS (labelled as ‘heartbreak rockers’ – whatever that may be) are to unleash their first UK album release on 26th November 2012. Prior to this, they will be playing a handful of shows (just London and Bristol dates announced, I’m afraid) to support the ‘Collections‘ album, which is being released jointly by the Alcopop! and Fierce Panda labels.

And prior to that even,  one week earlier they will release the double-A-sided single, ‘Reaction’ / ‘Set Me On Fire.‘ The video for the first-named track follows and I doubt you’ll hear a catchier tune this side of Christmas. (Pretty good video too.)

How would I describe their music? Well, I can think of no better way than to blatantly plagiarise the words of their PR Company as I think they have it to a tee (as, I suppose, you would expect!):

‘Collections’ was launched in Acres Of Lions’ home wilderness late last year. It is a broken-heart-on-sleeve collection aha of taut-fitting tunes with driving guitars, delicate pianos and subtle-yet-heroic choruses. Listeners of a certain age may hear flashes of ‘90s era collegiate rocksters like Buffalo Tom and Gigolo Aunts in there. Listeners of a slightly different rage may recall the emo years of the early noughties when The Get Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World made grown men creep. Musical lovers with very little rage whatsoever may even feel some of that Snow Patrol emotion in the odd sorrowful climax.

Here are the select few dates where you can catch the band next month:

Friday November 9th                    Camden Barfly Jubilee Club

Saturday November 10th             Bristol Fear Of Fiction Festival

Saturday November 17th             Shoreditch Old Blue Last

Tuesday November 20th             Highbury Buffalo Bar

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