BAD FOR LAZARUS: ‘My Muddle’ (+ tour dates.)

It seems like no time at all since LOUD HORIZON carried a review of a single entitled ‘Old Rats On A New Ship,’ by a band called BAD FOR LAZARUS. I loved it!

Well – that was about three years ago apparently, and although there have been little snippets leaking through here to LOUD HORIZON in the ensuing time, it didn’t seem like much was happening. But actually, it was: gigs with the likes of  Eighties Matchbox, Hawk Eyes, Liars, The James Cleaver Quintet,  Exit_International, Winnebago Deal, Black Moth, and Baby Godzilla, as well as several sojourns up and down the country in their own right have seen their stock rise, and with new single ‘My Muddle,’ and the forthcoming album ‘Life’s A Carnival, Bang, Bang, Bang,’ the time is now right for the UK to sit up and take notice.

Boasting ex-members of Nine Inch Nails, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and UNKLE, the band have the credentials and experience to make a huge impression on the musical landscape as they meld genres from the classic sound of Motown artists through to the gooey phlegm of punk. In their own words; “We like Motown and we like Richard Hell. So we sound like Motown Hell.”

 ‘My Muddle’ will be released on 12th November, and the video follows. Of the single, frontman Rich Fownes says:
“The song was written musically to be a pretty perfect slice of the different genres we like to embrace. Big beat drums. Motown / soul vocals. Dark rock guitars. Lyrically we always write about what’s around us but our usual stipulation is that it must have a sense of humour. I abhor self-loathing and introspection in the lyrics of heavy music. Get over yourself, how much more subject matter exists outside of the petty indulgence of your average, commercially-approved “difficult emotions”.
I think you can safely bet that BAD FOR LAZARUS will be in the ‘Ones To Watch in 2013’ list should I ever be arsed in drawing one up at the end of this year!
(I’ve also posted the video for the track that first brought BFL to my attention all those years ago.)
Here’s where you can see the lads play:

2nd Newcastle – Dog & Parrot
6th London – Black Heart, Camden
14th Nottingham – The Maze
22nd Glasgow – Nice N’ Sleazy
23rd Edinburgh – Banshee Labyrinth
24th York – Stereo
15th Wolverhampton – Royal London

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