BLUE SUNDAY: ‘Last Night.’

I don’t have much information on this band, but I believe BLUE SUNDAY are a new London based band who are in course of expanding on a set of demos written by band member Jeet Mukerji with a view to playing more live dates in and around their home city.

This is the only track I have heard, but I have to say that the music is melodic but dark and is most certainly one of those tracks that is pretty much ‘instant.’ ‘Last Night‘ is a great ‘stand-alone’ track (just be patient as it builds) but is enhanced by an excellent video. I’m not normally a ‘lyrics’ man – I’m kinda shallow that way and go more by the song’s rhythm, beat and bounce. (You can tell I’m a crusty old punk / stoner!) But the lyrics on this one just reach out and grab even the most cynical of listeners!

Track + video = a superb package! In my opinion, this is one of the tracks of the year and if I do ever get round to compiling ‘Top Lists’ at the year-end, I’d be pretty confident that both the song and the video would rank in their respective categories.

Seriously – check this video out.

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