CUTTHROAT CONVENTION: ‘Gunfight @ The Gates.’

CUTTHROAT CONVENTION may be ‘electronic;’ ‘experimental;’  ‘eccentric’ even. They may probably be a lot of other things beginning with the letter ‘e,’ who knows?

What they are not however, is ‘easy to define.’ Which is likely just the reaction they are looking for.

LOUD HORIZON reviewed the previous album, ‘Peeling The Sea,‘ and was well taken its ‘experimental’ nature – especially on the lengthy ‘Gate 19′ track. And this is very much the same conclusion arrived at after listening to ‘Gunfight @ The Gates.’

This album conveys a feeling of restlessness – it’s like the band (are they called a ‘band’, I don’t know) are suffering ADHD. Of the eleven tracks, only one hangs around longer than three minutes, and indeed the majority fizzle, spark and then die within a two-minute lifespan. But as with the earlier album, it’s the longer (six minutes) ‘ABCDivorce’ that impresses most. It has everything from dramatic cinema-scope atmospherics to gentle Krautrock drones and an off- kilter snare drum pattern, all topped off with indecipherable vocals shouting as if in the distant depths of a pained hell. This may sound a bit weird …. but the track’s weird. But brilliant.

The other tracks are really ‘busy’ with lots going on as they explode in a cacophony of synths and samples. Refreshingly though, there is a reliance on actual drums and not so much of the drum-machine sound, so all the tracks have what I would call (as an old bugger!) a ‘genuine’ sound.

I’ve posted the track ‘E in Disgust’ here together with a video for the track ‘Pzlaens‘ being played ‘live’ – and this is where I’m confused, as this track doesn’t appear (at least not in this format) on the copy I’ve been sent.

Anyway – LOUD HORIZON delights in highlighting new, inventive and exciting music. CUTTHROAT CONVENTION sure fit the bill!

(You can download the album from the band’s blog, here.)

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