SUSPIRE: ‘Dodos.’

I need to get out more!

I’m getting old. I’m often swayed by the thought of sitting in a warm house with a beer and watching Eastenders when the alternative presented is to wait an age in the rain for a bus to take me uptown to some cold, half-filled venue that charges exorbitant prices for the same beer.

But then I’m reminded of the plethora of excellent bands out there – bands on my own Glasgow door-step that I’ve never heard of. Band that I should be out there enjoying.

Bands like SUSPIRE. 

SUSPIRE were formed by drummer Clare Kelly who enlisted brothers Mark Duffin on bass and Paul Duffin as lead vocalist and guitar. Friend and collaborator Brian Cunningham had been working with Paul, on a side project for a couple of years so when Mark moved to Canada with his girlfriend, Brian was a natural replacement on bass. Brian’s introduction as a full member has inspired the trio to create their first album together.

Self-released and self-directed, they embody the DIY spirit that so many independent artists strive towards.

‘Dodos’ is a departure from SUSPIRE’s previous single ‘Salvation Sister’ (which won a Scottish Music Award for ‘Best Alternative / Indie Recording of the Year’ in 2011). Its driving rhythms and intense, complex vocal harmonies are complimented by warm layers of weaving sound and compelling hooks.

A song which could sit comfortably in any movie soundtrack, the accompanying video for ‘Dodos,’ provides a vivid interpretation of the music, augmenting the already compelling emotional arc of the song. The video is the result of a successful crowd-funding campaign, drawing on the bands loyal fanbase, and an alliance with the vibrant Glasgow-based company ‘Gentle Giant Productions’.

The video premiered on Canadian TV on 20th October (together with an interview), after the band used their extended contacts and their innate Scottish ability to talk themselves into any available opportunity. Drummer Clare and frontman Paul also performed live on the show.

(You can watch the band’s appearance on the Go! Vancouver show below.)

Glasgow on a bleak autumnal / winter’s night can be quite daunting, believe me! But some things are worth making an effort for. (I can always record Eastenders!)

SUSPIRE host their ‘Dodos’ Launch Party at THE ART SCHOOL UNION, GLASGOW on Sunday 18th November. Support will come from Emma’s Imagination, Dee, & CAAPS – plus some guest appearances onstage with SUSPIRE – the event should be one to remember. (Doors open at 7:30pm.)

Guy’s restaurant (Candleriggs) is providing a free scrumptious finger buffet on the night (everything from sushi to chicken and more), and ticket proceeds from the night will be donated to Govanhill Baths Community Trust.

This is an e-ticketed event, but £6 entry can be obtained (if space permits) on the door. Advance tickets may be bought here.

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