BOMBERS: ‘ Drawing’ / ‘Buddy’s In A Cult.’

BOMBERS attracted a great deal of attention from some major sources when they broke onto the scene in 2011. Double-A-side ‘Drawing’ / ‘Buddy’s In A Cult’ is the follow-up to their ‘Film Fanatic’ EP which saw them hailed as one of the great, emerging ‘B-Town’ bands coming out of Birmingham.

Because I can’t put it any better (and since a No Wave hero of mine is quoted) than as described in their Press Release, here’s exactly what it sounds like …. though you can simply hit the ‘play’ button on the video that follows and make up your own mind!

Coming on like a twisted Joy Division with contorted James Chance style hooks and a nod towards The Boys Next Door new single ‘Drawing’ b/w ‘Buddy’s In A Cult’ is less then 2 minutes of driving bass lines and stabbing guitar parts that jerk and writhe around the colliding drums as the vocals from David Duell proclaim “I can tell I’m going wrong” over and over with a sense unhinged pleasure. It’s a dark and manic bombardment of flailing riffs and swagger.

There you go … that’ll do it!


Actually ….. I’ve just discovered these other two videos. BOMBERS could be one of my ‘new favourite bands.’ Maybe yours too?

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