F.O.O.S. : ‘The Monster.’

F.O.O.S. are an Italian duo (from Turin, I believe) who have relocated to London to further their musical careers. Simone and Fabrizio formed the band back in 2010 with the specific intent to develop a hybrid genre of rock with strong electronic elements.

Having begun the project in Italy, F.O.O.S. decided to move to the UK in 2011 to record their first EP, ‘Love In The 21stCentury’. The release of this EP helped establish the band within the UK underground scene and allowed the duo to embark upon a promotional tour.

After a year of intense live activity the band took to the studio in April 2012 to record their debut album ‘Showcase’ which was released earlier this month.

I’m not saying nobody else produces this brand of music, but I think the imagery and energy of ‘The Monster,’ is worth a shout.

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