PULLED APART BY HORSES - 200 - December 2012It’s been quite a year for Leeds rockers, PULLED APART BY HORSES. From formation around two and a half years ago, they have grown into hard-hitting Festival head-liners and even bridged the gap between melodic hardcore and pop by being accepted on to the daytime playlist at Radio 1 of a ll stations! No mean feat, that! I can think of only Biffy Clyro before them and now Twin Atlantic that have done so in recent times.

To celebrate (and that sure looks to be just what they’re doing!) the band have released the following video in conjunction with the new single, ‘Epic Myth.

Well it has been one hell of a year for us and we’re knee deep in writing now and looking forward to next year” explains guitarist James Brown. “One of the highlights was opening the main stages at Leeds/Reading this year which I don’t think we still quite believe happened.

“The video idea for ‘Epic Myth’ seemed a great way to celebrate (second album)’ Tough Love’ and the final single from it, even if we all did have the worst collective hangover ever after! Happy Christmas Everyone!”

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