GUMS: ‘New Year.’

GUMS - 200 - December 2012The Glasgow music scene can be very incestuous at times. Take The Plimptons for example. I get confused with the number of ‘side-projects’ that have spawned from the creative juices of the city’s favourite punk mentalists.

But I do know GUMS are one of them, with Martin, Nora and Tommy all playing with both outfits. Their line-up is completed by Jack Taylor on guitar / vocals.

Now, don’t go thinking LOUD HORIZON has ignored all the Christmas hype and the plethora of Festive songs that have found their way to my inbox, but I’m going to skip slightly ahead with this one. For unless Bono and Co re-release their perennial classic, or The Alexander Brothers (ask yer Granny!) back catalogue gets an unexpected airing, then it’s unlikely there will be many more semi-festive classics released to compete with GUMS and ‘New Year.

(This terrific little song is available as free download from the GUMS Bandcamp page)

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