Introducing ……. SUBBURBIA.

SUBBURBIA - 200 - December 2012I was going to open this little introduction by mentioning that SUBBURBIA reminded me a touch of Cansei de Ser Sexy ………… but then I read that this comparison is forever being made back in their Brazilian homeland – and they hate it!

So I’ll quantify that a little. There are definitely some similarities, especially so when Marina delivers her vocals in a more spoken fashion. And if you listen to more ‘dancey’ tracks by the band, then you can maybe appreciate why such comparisons are made.

But in fairness, I think SUBBURBIA have a heavier edge to them than CSS.

The band have been on the go for over three years now, but have gone through band-members like Chelsea go through Managers. No – more than! In fact, it is reckoned that there may be as many as thirty ex-members out there! But now that they have settled (the current line-up has been unaltered for a whole twelve months now!) they are planning to tour UK in 2013.

It may be an interesting watch!

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