SINGING LOINS: ‘Monsters Ashore.’

SINGING LOINS - 200 - October 2012Though you may never have heard of them, SINGING LOINS have been around since the late Eighties, and the release of their current album, ‘Here On Earth,’ (from which the following track is lifted) will be their twelfth full-length project.

Harking back to the Corinthian spirit (if such a thing indeed exists in the music business) of yesteryear, the band seem perversely unambitious and consider themselves ‘the world’s longest serving, truly amateur, original musical group.’

Hailing from the Medway area of England (Rochester and the like) SINGING LOINS are mates with the likes of LOUD HORIZON favourites Theatre Royal as well as the area’s favourite son, artist, poet, musician – Billy Childish. In fact, the artwork for the band’s latest album was painted by Billy himself.

THE LOINS sing proudly of the rich tapestry of life embroidered in their gritty corner of the Garden of England…. tales of underdogs, suicides, circus freaks, the bereaved, frustrated and heart-broken, the washed up and mentally ill – the jealousies, violence, hypocrisy and religion of humanity…. mixing elements of folk, punk and blues, with the brutal honesty of Billy Childish (with whom they recorded their earlier output), the lyrical deftness of Ian Dury and an added pinch of the theatricality of The Tiger Lilies. This all matches an ever more sophisticated musical backdrop to Chris Broderick’s often graphic, never flinching, often tender, always colourful odes to life in the Medway towns, and short stories from the end of old England’s pier…. combining snarling, caustic wit and heart-rending acoustic ballads to mesmerising effect.

(‘Here On Earth’ is released through Damaged Goods Records and is available now  – December 2012)

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