BY THE RIVERS: ‘Take Control.’

BY THE RIVERS - 200 - Jan 2013I love this sound!

BY THE RIVERS are a six-piece ‘New Age’ Reggae band from Leicester. – (not sure about the ‘new age’ tag, mind.) Whatever, since forming almost three years ago by long-time pals Nile Barrow and Jordan Birtles, the band have progressed to the stage (no pun intended) where thay have already supported the likes of  THE BUZZCOCKS, MAXI PRIEST, MUSICAL YOUTH, DAWN PENN, SAXON SOUND, NEVILLE STAPLE, JOHN HOLT and THE SPECIALS on their fifteen-date UK Arena Tour in October.

From a personal perspective, I think it terrific that there are young bands like this carrying the reggae torch throughout the UK and perhaps with their ‘modern’ adaptation of the genre, BY THE RIVERS will engage many listeners who may otherwise not have tuned in to this style of music.

‘Take Control‘ (which also features a slowed down dub style mix by Fun Lovin’ Criminals side project Radio Riddler, as well as an acoustic version of ‘Don’t Stand Alone‘) is released on Monday 21st January through Komplya Records.)


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