LOST SOULS: ‘Black Eyes.’

LOST SOULS - 200 - December 2012Lincoln five-piece LOST SOULS release the electro-roll track ‘Black Eyes‘ this coming Monday – 21st January. I’m certain I have seen this before, and not on Artrocker TV where it was apparently ‘premiered.’

Anyhow – it’s a definite ‘grower,’ and the video is pretty classy, ‘arty’ and dark all at the same time.

The band say:

“Our videos are important to us, being descriptive of our songs but always in a way that’s subjective to the listener/viewer. Do we know too much or nowhere near enough? ‘Black Eyes’ puts the question to you pointing out some observational references that may seem pro conspiracy? Or could they just be word interplay? 

We tend to pitch our collective viewpoint through an abstraction filter, so what we write is suggestive, rather than a force fed opinion. There are maybe some things you should question about the world around you and there is every reason to pursue the notion that all is not what it looks to be. Don’t be fed every opinion you have. Go out and find your own”

I say:

“Nice one!”

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