ORPHANS: adopted by Mike Watt (for one night only.)

ORPHANS - 200 - December 2012I wouldn’t normally plug individual gigs since most people reading this will come from another country never mind the same city as this show.

However, ORPHANS are a Glasgow band that I have liked a while now, so as a wee ‘one-off’ here’s details of an upcoming show with il Sogno Del Marinaio, featuring the legendary Mike Watt (Stooges, Minutemen, fIREHOSE) at the Art School in Glasgow on the 2nd March


Il SOGNO DEL MARNAIO - gig Poster - 200

If you’re around Glasgow on that date and fancy going along, here’s a link leading to where you can buy discounted price tickets.

I’ll admit I know nowt of the headliners, but here’s why I like ORPHANS – partly ‘coz of the music, but also because they have made this track available as a free download!

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