THE TUESDAY CLUB: ‘Ain’t Got No Class.’

THE TUESDAY CLUB - 200 - December 2012I think everyone would agree that sometimes the music ‘industry’ takes itself a little too seriously. In the rush to pigeon-hole every band, it sometimes relies as much on image as substance; it’s quick and brutal in its assessment of what it deems ‘cool,’ and is frequently found guilty of harbouring a distinct age-prejudice.

In short, there is a definite ‘snobbery’ about what constitutes ‘good’ music / a ‘good’ band.

THE TUESDAY CLUB however don’t give a stuff! They’re here to shatter those narrow-minded views with a refreshing take on pop music that encapsulates the best of camp, theatre, glam and rock  ‘n’ roll. The eight-piece band feature members whose ages range from (by my calculations) twenty-eight to fifty-five and they make no attempt to hide the fact.

“It’s all about the music, we are deadly serious about our commitment to each other, but that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t do it with a smile“. says front man Andreas Vanderbraindrain. “There’s too much pomposity, too much sucked in cheek blue steel ethic, especially in London. The Tuesday Club just play for the love and the joy, we set our phasers on FUN and go for it, it’s time for new Glamour… that’s where our 6ft chanteuse The Minx comes in darlin!”

The whole band have a look and style that falls somewhere between The Rocky Horror Show, Oh Boy!, Carry on Screaming, a BBC period drama and Dad’s Army. THE TUESDAY CLUB certainly give off a refreshing air of who cares, which has got to be worth something in today’s dark days of austerity and excessively skinny jeans!

(‘Ain’t Got No Class’ is released in February 2013)


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