SLEEPY TIME GHOST: ‘Youthman Riddim.’

SLEEPY TIME GHOST - Youthman RiddimI know – I’m a grumpy old confused cynic who really can’t be arsed trying to work out who is doing what on records such as this. But with their roots firmly planted in a fertile reggae base, there are a couple of tracks here certainly worth mention.

See, here’s my problem:

The artist credited on this four-track EP is SLEEPY TIME GHOST, resident Producer / DJ at Unit 137, a London based  collective of producers, instrumentalists, vocalists, engineers and selectors. But then the sleeve-notes divulge the following:

Track 1: Ras Demo – ‘Rule Your Destiny.’

Track 2: Lionpulse – ‘Bad Days Are Gone.’

Track 3: Youthman Dub (Joe Ariwa)

Track 4: Lionpulse – Bad Days Are Gone (Hylu & Jago Remix)

So I’m not cool and trendy any more (was I ever?) – I may as well admit it rather than try to blag my way out and get all the details arse over tit!

But I love reggae music, and even more so I’m a real sucker for good dub music. This release then gives me eighteen minutes of joy – in the main. For regular readers will know my feeling on remixes. Couple that to my having the attention span of a rampant gnat and you may understand why I personally think we could have done with just two tracks here ….  though I know there are many who will recoil in horror and invite me to a duel at dawn for such sacrilegious comment.

I’d go with the lead track which is a classy piece of roots-based reggae with mellow, hook-laden horns and gentle touch of dub. The vocals are warm and the delivery relaxed albeit that the lyrics are nicely crammed to fit the overall rhythm. And then the third track, ‘Youthman Dub‘ is just a wonderful slice of dub music. It doesn’t stray too far from the original and so it remains recognisable, but for me at least it carries more atmosphere and a bit of bite. Much as I enjoy the lead track, this one is what I’d buy the EP for, without doubt.

(The Soundcloud player below carries snips of all four tracks, so you can hear a little of what I mean here.)

(Released through Unit 137 on 18th February 2013)


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