BHI BHIMAN: ‘Kimchee Line.’

BHI BHIMAN - 200 - December 2012I have a rather odd fascination for the country of North Korea (I’m currently reading my fourth book about the country) and so it’s not surprising that the imagery in this video caught my attention. The song title too, refers to the traditional North Korean dish of kimchee, which is made from fermented vegetables. Yummy!

So I guess I kinda bought into the song before even listening to it – but as I listened to it along with watching the pictures, I found myself really enjoying it! The chirpy tone and delivery really juxtapose the (what we Westerners consider) the plight and misery of millions of North Korean people. And on a lighter side, the sort of stammered manner in which the marching military marries in with the rhythm of the track is quite amusing.

Kimchee Line from Bhi Bhiman on Vimeo.

BHI BHIMAN grew up to the sound of Soundgarden and Nirvana in 1990s St Louis, but his latest album ‘Bhiman‘ encapsulates a wide and eclectic range of styles ranging from Country to soul, and West African-influenced folk. His lyrical style reflects both humour and empathy and has seen him in some circles being quoted in the same glowing terms as the likes of Nick owe and Randy Newman, while his rich vocal have been likened to Bill Withers and Richie Havens.


(The album ‘Bhiman’ is available now – January 2013 – on the Boocoo Music label.)

(Having just returned from India and travelled a little on that country’s rail network, I can relate to the video for ‘Guttersnipe,’ an earlier release from the album, and so have also attached that track below.)

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