Darling BOY: ‘Air Conditioned Gypsy’ EP

Darling BOY - 200 - January 2013Here’s a name you could hear a bit more of in 2013 – Darling BOY.

(I believe the lower / upper case in the name is intentional.)

London-based Darling BOY has played just two short tours of Germany and a few ‘home’  shows, including the iconic 100 Club venue in home city. Even so, he already has the likes of Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Mark Ellen (TV / Radio Presenter), Andy Partridge (XTC) TV Smith (The Adverts) and Alan McGhee (yup, THAT Alan McGhee) all talking about him in favourable and encouraging tones.

The four-track ‘Air Conditioned Gypsy‘ EP  is from what I can make out, his first formal first release, and with the current fad for singer-songwriter types showing no immediate sign of abating, there is definitely room at the top table for another – this time one with a bit of ‘attitude’ to their performance.

The time could be right for Darling BOYDarling BOY - Air Conditioned Gypsy EP

(‘Air Conditioned Gypsy’ is released through Very Decent Music on 4th March 2013)

(I’ll have a stream of the EP posted here shortly.)

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