ROYAL HOAX: ‘Shiver Shake.’

ROYAL HOAX - 200 - April 2012It’s a little bit ironic and not least, disappointing, that LOUD HORIZON should be used as an example of WHY most blogs didn’t touch this story back in December – especially as I DID cover it in a reasonably positive manner!

“I can’t decide if my attention being drawn to this Detroit three-piece is down to a spooky coincidence of (bad) timing, or simply just pretty damn fine opportunity spotting / capitalising on behalf of their PR Company!” – LoudHorizon Blog 

This was a typical reaction to the pre-Christmas news that a band named Royal Hoax had released a free download. With accusations of opportunism following the actions of a pair of Aussie DJs, most blogs and publications refused to post the news of the superbly catchy track ‘Shiver Shake’, and the accompanying video. 

Many thought the name was a poor taste attempt to grab attention on the back of a tragedy – but if you don’t be believe that the band actually named themselves Royal Hoax all the way back in 2010, you’ll never believe that their video features a giraffe dancing in a shopping mall!

Now, with 2013 well under way, the band are keen to pick up the where they left off and let music fans in the UK know about their unique brand of upbeat, alternative pop. With a self-titled album coming soon, there’s plenty to look forward to. 

Though the album release date is still unconfirmed (estimated March 4th), Royal Hoax are excited to reach a new audience in the UK and will soon be found on radio waves near you – take a look at the video, and you’ll see why.

Ah well – I guess PR Coys have a job to do also! And the LOUD HORIZON name has perhaps reached a few new contacts as a result!

So – just to prove LOUD HORIZON bears no grudges, here’s the video AGAIN! (It’s just as good second time around!)

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