COMANECHI: ‘You Owe Me Nothing But Love.’

COMANECHI - You Owe Me Nothing But LoveCOMANECHI are a noisy and boisterous bunch. Now a three-piece having enlisted drummer Charlie Heaton they are possibly even better placed to build on that reputation.

You Owe Me Nothing But Love,’ runs to twelve tracks over a thirty-eight minute time-span and while it’s not shy of jumping out and smacking you right in the face, I found it to be missing something. Just what that ‘something’ is, I’m not quite sure. I think possibly that with a couple of exceptions I found the sound quite familiar and unrelenting.

Singer Keex delivers the vocals with a child-like intonation …… but a ‘child’ as portrayed in a psycho-movie. You know, if you were to put a maniacal voice to that porcelain-faced, innocent-looking doll that suddenly appears out of the room’s gloom at the end of your bed in the middle of the night, then that’s how I hear her!

On the whole, it works really well, fighting to stay on top of the incessant fuzzed guitar, throbbing basslines and crashing drums and cymbals. In parts it all reminds me a little of Japanese Voyeurs – or maybe that should be the other way around? Who’s the ‘chicken’ and who’s the ‘egg,’ here?

The sort of ‘machine-noise’  ‘Prologue’ and ‘Epilogue,’ and tracks six and seven dare to be different and stand out for me. (‘Prologue‘ lasts just twenty-nine seconds, ‘Epilogue,’ just over a minute with neither seeming to bear any relation to the rest of the album. They are interesting however but could possibly have been better utilised in a ‘concept’ or ‘theme’ based context.)

‘Patsy‘ is an eight-minute epic. It’s completely manic with Keex sounding like the pissed-off inmate of a mental asylum while the backing just beats the crap out of your ears and brain with it’s sheer intensity. Then, a surprisingly refreshing drop in pace and volume with ‘Into The Air,’ as the drums take on a military-styled snare rhythm and Keex pares back on the shouting and screaming, opting for a hushed singing voice that is bolstered with some light harmonies that dance over the top of the dark guitar drone.

For me, the variation shown in the middle of the album is what ironically and ultimately left me feeling just ever so slightly disappointed. By that I mean I like the  overall noise and energy, but (and I hate to seem critical here) it all feels just a little too one-dimensional for me. It could excite me more.

That said, it’s an album I will return to out of choice …… but I’m left with the impression (and confidence) that COMANECHI have much more to offer.

(Released through Tigertrap Records on 14th February 2013)

(7.5 / 10)


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