THE FAT WHITE FAMILY: ‘Cream Of The Young.’

THE FAT WHITE FAMILY - 200 - logo - December 2012Had your dinner yet?

This is quite brilliant! In both an audio and visual sense!

The music’s weird, in a great way, and you wonder just where it’s going. It’s fresh and completely innovative, but to call it ‘quirky’ would be like suggesting Caligula enjoyed the occasional evening-in with a few friends.

THE FAT WHITE FAMILY are from Peckham and Brixton in London, and are determined to confront the ‘yuppie’ takeover of their towns with havoc and, well … something ‘real.’ And it seems to be working, as they are right now becoming one of most sought after bands in the metropolis.

Judge for yourself – I reckon there’s a lot more to THE FAT WHITE FAMILY than simply their ‘shock & awe’ tactics of their first year together, when they seemed to attract attention as much for various incidents of chaos, blood, nudity and weirdness as their music.

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I run three blogs: 1) (my author blog.) 2) (my business / dog walking blog) 3) (my music blog .. infrequent posts) Guess what? I'm a dog walking, wannabee author that loves music.
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