THE PLIMPTONS are dead ……free EP to celebrate(?!)

THE PLIMPTONS - 200 - December 2012… well, not quite – but they will be killed off on the evening of Saturday 30th March.

Yup – about thirteen years after being (some would ‘rashly’) allowed the freedom of Glasgow’s music venues, THE PLIMPTONS, Glasgow / Motherwell punk mentalists, are calling it a day.

But you wouldn’t expect them to go quietly would you?

So,  in their own inimitable style they have arranged an ‘all-dayer’ at Glasgow’s Stereo Bar where they will be joined by a host of other established punk / alternative bands from the locale – see poster below.

THE PLIMPTONS - 200 - Farewell poster

“The only real reason is that it’s really hard to get the 6 of us together. We’re all in other bands, and quite a few of them with each other…but I don’t think we’d want to call it The Plimptons unless everyone was involved…and it’s always better to go out with a big party with your mates than let it become a chore or that kind of thing,” explains guitarist / vocalist Martin Smith.

The band are also releasing a nineteen-track retrospective called “The Life and Death of Colonel Plimp” the following Monday (1st April) and right now they’re giving away an all new EP called “The Plimptons are Dead” from :

(I know this post is a little self-indulgent and that most readers won’t be able to go along to the show – but the Glasgow ‘scene’ owes a lot to these guys, and as personal favourites I think it only right and proper to give them decent send-off. Here’s a little of what can be expected on the night. Each of the following tracks can be found on the retrospective collection, ‘The Life and death of Colonel Plimp.‘)

The Plimptons are dead … long live The Plimptons!

THE PLIMPTONS - RIP - 200 - February 2012

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