FROM MESPOTAMIA: ‘From Mesopotamia.’

FROM MESOPOTAMIA - 200 - January 2013Yet another little treat from Chile!

Musically, FROM MESOPOTAMIA  generally follow the psych route as tread by a couple of other bands (Follakzoid and Spiral Vortex) that have featured previously on LOUD HORIZON. Where they differ however is in that the trio of  Daniel, Gonzalo and Fernando seem to rely more on processed beats than drums and there is more emphasis on  the synth / keyboards. As a consequence, while the resultant sound still draws out big musical soundscapes, it is perhaps more in line with various Continental DJs of the late Nineties who produced some synth-led ‘trance’ tracks. For me, the lack of a genuine driving force in the drums means it lacks a real ‘guts.’ The music, whilst still a great listen however lacks real ‘balls.’ You know what I mean?

That said, there’s still a great deal to enjoy on this mini-album, and maybe it’s a little unfair to make any sort of comparison on the basis of the country of origin as I’ve just done! It’s certainly worth about eighteen minutes of anyone’s time!

(Available to download now via Bandcamp, see below)


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