LIMOZINE: ‘Johnny Got Shot By A UFO.’

LIMOZINE - Johnny Got Shot By A UFOLondon punk’n’rollers LIMOZINE must be one of the most prolific recording bands around! There never seems too much time passes between their releases and by my calculation, ‘Johnny Got Shot By A UFO,‘ is their ninth single in just over three years. (This is in addition to the three albums – if you count this May’s forthcoming ‘You’ve Been Limozined’ – of the past three years and an initial album release back in 2007!)  Not for them, this taking themselves off to some remote Caribbean island for eight months to write and record their latest masterpiece!

Throughout this period of heightened output, LIMOZINE have remained true to their roots. There is no compromise to fads and trends and absolutely no pretensions about their music. What they do will not exactly win them an Ivor Novello Award, but it WILL kick-start any party.

Building on the foundations of good old fashioned rock ‘n’roll and fusing it with a punk aesthetic, this single adds a rumbling rockabilly beat with psychobilly undertones. The song, as always with LIMOZINE is catchy as f*** and remains short and snappy, ending after less than two and a half minutes.

I like LIMOZINE. They keep it short and simple … maybe that’s why I find it so easy to identify with them!

(‘Johnny Got Shot By A UFO’ is released on march 11th through Beat Atlas Records.)

(8.5 / 10)



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