THE FAST PREACHER - 200 - November 2012Here’s one you may find a little surprising!

THE FAST PREACHER is one Daniel Hanson from Orlando, Florida, and as far as I can see, ‘Five Songs’ is his debut release.

Although Daniel is currently putting together a band for touring purposes, this collection of songs were all written, performed and produced by the man himself. And from this you perhaps detect the wide and varied eclectic taste in his influences.

And I think that’s what kinda sold me on this release and prompted me to post it here for all to hear. It starts out in quite a melancholic mood, quiet and tender, but as the tracks progress it moves through various moods and ends with the upbeat ‘Tracks’ with its Beach Boys harmonies mixed with slight punk sensibilities!

Along the way, the EP has its gentle desert-rock moments (think Seventies America) on ‘Trip‘; there are the bluesy moments of ‘Wrong Again‘ and throughout there are little snippets of dreamy acoustic psych.

And I know this will sound odd, but you know what I really like about ‘Five Songs,’ is that it (here goes) it reminds me very much in feel and mood (though not specifically the music as such) of Joe Walsh‘ s first album after leaving The James Gang‘Barnstorm.’ By that I mean the way the music is mixed and general feeling that although the sound is hushed and thoughtful, there lurks something more substantial just around that corner. In fact I’d go so far as to say the vocals at the outset of ‘Trip‘ have that little nasal nuance of Joe Walsh.

Anyway – this is not meant as a ‘compare and contrast’ exercise! Suffice to say I think THE FAST PREACHER shows great promise with this one!

(8.5 / 10)

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