THE BOAT ENGINE MAKE NOISE: ‘The Boat Engine Make Noise’ EP

THE BOAT ENGINE MAKE NOISE - 200 - December 2012It’s been a while since I’ve posted any decent hardcore sounds to LOUD HORIZON. Probably not since I last reported briefly on this Italian outfit back in November in fact.

The strangely but memorably named THE BOAT ENGINE MAKE noise are a five-piece hardcore / electro fusion band from Genoa and this eponymous release is their debut recording.

In the earlier review (of the track ‘Ascension‘ which is included in this five-track EP) I remained to be convinced with regard to the slowed-down, electro influenced interludes on that particular track. I was really hoping that the rest of their work wouldn’t be too clouded by this mix and that they didn’t end up being like one of those instantly forgettable (for me at least) pretentious synth-led ‘alternative’ rock bands … see, I can’t recall any of their names to illustrate what I’m driving at!

But I needn’t have worried. This EP leans more on the ‘hardcore’ side with the synths most definitely taking on a support role. In fact, having listened through the tracks several times I’d say that the afore-mentioned ‘Ascension,’ whilst still a strong enough track, is my least favourite of the five.

There are two main reasons I think why I like THE BOAT ENGINE MAKES NOISE: firstly, the straight-up nature of their aural attack – there’s no over-complication  or over-indulgence to their songs … they seem to just step up to the plate and knock it right out the park; secondly, the main vocal assault (and some guitar flashes) remind me a bit of  one of my favourite all-time bands, the mighty Five Knuckle.

All of the tracks are kept short and direct – in the main hovering around the three-minute mark. The first of these is the self-titled ‘The Boat Engine Makes Noise,‘ which hits the ground running. The heavy, dark riffs are incessant but lightened in the chorus with synths and more melodic vocals. The lead vocal though is loud and proud – sitting comfortably somewhere between screamo and the gutteral grunts of death metal.

‘Every Word,’ has a controlled fury about it. Again there is the light / dark juxtaposition between the guitar and synths (which sound like they have some added tremolo) with the former certainly having the edge. ‘Ascencion,’ as mentioned previously has the basis of a great track – but this time there is more of an emphasis on the grandiose, and frankly unconvincing, electro side. The hardcore edge is more my personal taste – but hopefully this is just a little experimental blip!!

‘Black Rainbows’ is a kind of hardcore stomp! It marches steadfastly and determinedly through its two minute duration, but this time incorporates some little quirky distorted vocals in the chorus. The EP then ends with ‘No Connection,’ a raging track with an eerie sounding whine (like from a B-rated horror movie!) appearing in the first half while the final minute or so is filled with stop / start riffs. This track probably typifies best what the band are all about.

Yeah – THE BOAT ENGINE MAKE NOISE alright …. and it’s a pretty damn fine racket if you ask me!

(”The Boat Engine Make Noise’ EP is available now on a ‘name your price’ basis from the band’s Bandcamp Page)

(8.5 / 10)

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