REVERE: ‘I Won’t Blame You.’

REVERE - 200 - March 2013It must have been before LOUD HORIZON adopted this present format, but the band REVERE have been featured before on this blog … way, way back! I can’t get my hands on the EP that was reviewed (I must get my filing system sorted!) but I do recall noting that the layered sound they produced had shades of Arcade Fire about them.

I believe they released a few EPs and followed that with their debut album,back in 2010. Since then their stock has risen and support from several broadsheets has been augmented by regular slots on Radio 6Music.

Theirs is a wide, expansive sound – cinematic I guess you could say, and twists and turns all ways in dramatic fashion. Their second album, ‘My Mirror / Your Target,’ is due for release later this year, but right now they have made the first single ‘I Won’t Blame You‘ available as a free download from their bandcamp page.

Go get it!

(And here’s the video that accompanies the track:)

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