MOMO KHANI feat. ADAM GRAHAM: ‘Drop Your Love.’

MOMO KHANI feat. ADAM GRAHAM - 200 - March 2013I’ll be honest … I normally stay well shy of music where credit is given to a band / artist followed by the notorious ‘feat.‘ abbreviation: to my stereotypical, blinkered and yes, probably musically snobbish mind, such terminology is surely an early indicator that the track I’m just about to hear is very ‘Club’ centered. And that’s just not me!

But you know LOUD HORIZON likes to throw in the odd sound from ‘left field,’ and on playing ‘Drop Your Love,‘ I actually found myself enjoying it! I think once I convinced myself that it was more of a ‘pop’ song rather than something that could be tagged along the lines of ‘Dance Culture,’ it kind of made sense.

And in fairness, MOMO KHANI is more than just your regular DJ – he plays various instruments himself like guitar, piano, bass and drums. Along with his ever expanding library of sound clips, he writes his music in what may be regarded as in a more traditional or long-handed way, and concedes that he tries pretty much to steer away from the ‘DJ world,’ as he focusses on writing his music.

In fact, fair play to the guy – he played drums in an Austrian punk band back in the day!

Drop Your Love‘ would I guess be categorised as a ‘Deep House’ track. The metronomic and hypnotic beat provides the base on which the track sits. The vocals are rich, soulful and relaxed which develop into an infectious chorus with strong harmonies, both male and female. The extended intro lasts about a minute before the vocals kick in and then another thirty seconds or so later the song shows it’s true colours: the music gently bubbles in the same manner as did the early Nineties hit ‘You Got The Love,’ by The Source ft. Candi Staton.

And maybe that’s why I kinda like this particular track – it has a reassuring familiarity about it.

I’d say my psych and punk albums are still safe at the top of my records pile at the moment, but unlike a lot of the stuff I hear on the radio these days, ‘Drop Your Love,‘ would not have me reaching for the re-tune dial.

A back-handed compliment, maybe – but who’d have thought even that an hour or so ago!

(‘Drop Your Love’ is released through Vivfier records on 7th April 2013)


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