THE HOLYDRUG COUPLE - 200 - July 2012The psych scene in Chile is burgeoning right now! LOUD HORIZON has presented a few to UK readers over the past few months .. and here’s the latest in that ever-growing line!

THE HOLYDRUG COUPLE came to my attention after they absolutely blew minds at ‘Levitation’ during the recent SXSW Festival in Austin. I don’t have much information on the band other than the fact that they have been playing for a couple of years now, they are signed to the iconic Sacred Bones label, and I’m sure I read somewhere that there is a connection somehow to the brilliant Chilean psych giants, Follakzoid.

(Perhaps some of the blog’s readers from Chile could leave a comment or two with some background?)

THE HOLYDRUG COUPLE have just released their new album ‘Noctuary,’ from which the following video is lifted. They will also be returning to Austin on 27th April to play at the Austin Psych Festival.

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