THE PLIMPTONS ….. the end!

THE PLIMPTONS - shirt design - 200 - March 2013THE PLIMPTONS are (or were, if you’re reading this after 10:15pm on the evening of Saturday 30th March 2013) a punk band of sorts from Glasgow … well, Motherwell more precisely. I say ‘of sorts’ because although ostensibly that’s what they are / were, they incorporate(d) so much more into their music and performance.

(I need say no more other than to highlight this with a few videos from the band.)

Formed in 1999, THE PLIMPTONS are very possibly the most featured band on LOUD HORIZON throughout its six-year existence in various guises. But all good things must come to an end, and after thirteen years, they have decided to call it a day. Several of the six members play in other bands / offshoots and with changes in personal circumstances it was becoming increasingly difficult to get everyone together for rehearsal / shows.

As I write this, they will be at Stereo, Glasgow, preparing to go on stage for the last time as a band at 9:15pm tonight. But they leave us with a career spanning ‘retrospective’ album, ‘The Life and Death of Colonel Plimp‘ which will be available through all the usual digital outlets from Monday 1st April.

There is also a FREE download of of the four-track ‘The Plimptons are Dead‘ EP from their Bandcamp page.

I know there will be many from around these parts and indeed further afield, who will miss THE PLIMPTONS, and join me in wishing them all well in their future ventures. As the esteemed author Douglas Adams once almost said:


(It may be too late … but you can have that one one me, lads!)

(The Plimptons)


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